Double Barrel V3 (Upgraded) by Squid Industries

Squid Industries

The Double Barrel from US company Squid Industries is the smallest high-power regulated dual-18650 mod on the market. Since its initial release, we have been very excited about this unique little mod partly because it feels great in the hand, it hits hard like a mech mod, it has outstanding battery life, and it's utterly idiosyncratic. Simply speaking, there's nothing else like it! In a world of mods crammed with too many features and too much complexity, the Double Barrel emerges with a back-to-basics feature-set that delivers exactly what every vaper wants: a phenomenal vape! Sometimes the simplest things are the most appreciated.

Created by a US Navy Veteran who served in combat in Iraq, the Double Barrel gets its inspiration from a 12-gauge shotgun and was designed with a priority on simplicity and durability. The Double Barrel utilizes an excellent proprietary chipset that powers the device with a very fast ramp-up time from 5 to 150 watts in one-watt increments. The Double Barrel is like a compact, rugged survival tool designed to simply and capably fulfill its basic purpose without flash or fanfare. It's also able-bodied, always ready for action, and cool as hell!

The Double Barrel V2 took the market by storm but needed a few internal fundamental upgrades. Instead of radically altering a winning design or adding unnecessary bells and whistles, the V3 maintains its predecessor's sleek, ergonomic chassis and iconic operational simplicity yet it includes the all the basic improvements requested by users. After all, given the Double Barrel's unique character and fervent worldwide following, it would be self-defeating to transform it into something else.

Here is a list of the V3 upgrades:

  • The diameter increased to 25mm to accommodate your favorite atomizers without overhang
  • The entire top section is sealed to prevent e-liquid or moisture from entering the internals
  • The LCD screen larger and flush mounted
  • The battery contacts and are now spring-loaded and durable
  • A hinged battery door replaces the detachable door
  • The paint is upgraded to a more eye-pleasing and durable powder coat

These upgrades obviously do not make for an entirely new mod; rather, they make the Double Barrel the great mod everyone wants it to be.

The Double Barrel's chipset utilizes a step-down regulator, so the voltage it's capable of delivering is whatever your batteries can provide. The body is fashioned out of two 25mm diameter parallel alloy tubes that house dual-18650 batteries sharing a hinged battery door at the bottom. Despite its small size, the Double Barrel is hefty and you know you're holding something substantial when you pick it up. The OLED display is located on the top of the front tube, and the rear tube houses a spring-loaded 510 connection surrounded by engravings symbolic of 12-gauge shells. The multi-function firing switch, which shares the same engravings, is very responsive and is also a clicky dial that doubles as a setting and power adjuster; simply rotate it either direction to increase or decrease the wattage.

The fit and finish are top-notch, build quality is impressively solid, there is copious venting, and all the necessary safety features are built in. If you're only interested in temperature control mods with all the bells and whistles, or if the mere thought of guns raises the hair on your neck, then the Double Barrel probably isn't for you. On the other hand, if you're attracted to a stealthy, no-frills, military-strength device with a uniquely appealing form factor that feels great in the hand and performs like an elite soldier, the Double Barrel just might be up your alley.

Click HERE for the Peacemaker 25mm RTA, the perfect match for the Double Barrel V3.

Features and Specifications:
Unique, Compact Design
Variable Wattage
5 to 150W Power Output
Atomizer Resistance Range: 0.1 to 3.0?
Multi-function Firing Switch
Power On/Off
Dial for Wattage Adjustment
Lock In Wattage
Flip the Screen
Flush Top-mounted OLED Screen
Wattage Display
Voltage Display
Atomizer Resistance Indicator
Battery Life Indicator
Hinged Battery Door
Dual 18650 Batteries
Spring-loaded 510 Connection
Spring-loaded Battery Contacts
Sealed Top Section
Engraved Tube, Firing Button, and 510 Connection
Up to 25mm Atomizers without Overhang
Reverse Polarity Protection
Short Circuit Protection
Overheat Protection

Package Contents:
1 x Double Barrel V3 Mod
2 x Atomizer Spacers
1 x User Manual

About Squid Industries:
Squid Industries was formed by a United States Navy Veteran who served in combat during Operation Iraqi Freedom. After overcoming personal struggles with homelessness and substance abuse, he found the best way to live healthily was to give back by helping other struggling Veterans. He attained his BA in psychology, worked as a counselor to Vets for 5 years, and founded a nonprofit that was successful in changing many veterans’ lives. During his work with vets, he fell in love with the vape community. He taught himself to handcraft beautiful box mods, around which he built a community that believes in living healthy, supporting our returning veterans, and treating each other with kindness and respect. With the support of like-minded people, he invested in businesses that have a positive impact on veterans and vapers alike.

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