Pisces-T Mod by J2P (Authentic)


The Pisces Mini by J2P of the Philippines, one of the smallest mechanical mods ever released, has a big brother. Well, wider rather than bigger. Whereas the Mini runs on slim 14500 batteries, the Pisces-T is telescopic and can run on 18500 or 18650 batteries. What's striking is that big brother is no taller in 18500 mode than the Mini is at 18350. This makes the Pisces-T exceptionally compact, rivaling the smallest mech mods fitted with a hybrid top cap. Even at full extension, the Pisces-T's height is only a hair over 83mm. Also striking is how beautiful the Pisces-T is when fully extended. So, even if you don't plan to use the shorter battery, you're not sacrificing looks for unused functionality as is the case with many other telescoping modes. Performance-wise, the Pisces-T really rips with its 99.9% pure copper contacts. The floating center pin in the top cap ensures a flush fit with any atomizer that's 22mm or less in diameter. Constructed from 304 stainless-steel with brass extension tubes and firing button, the Pisces-T features silky-smooth threading, three vent holes on the center tube, a short-throw spring-loaded switch that fires anywhere you press it, and a reverse-threaded locking ring. The Pisces logo is engraved on the center tube and on the firing button along with the serial number. As we have come to expect from J2P, they have once again delivered a high-performance device designed and manufactured with the highest level of craftsmanship.

Features and Specifications:
Crafted by J2P of the Philippines
2-Tone 304 Stainless-Steel and Brass Construction
Telescopic (18500, 18650 Batteries)
Brass Extension Tubes
Exceptionally Compact and Sleek
99.9% Copper Contacts
Floating Center Pin
Short-Throw Spring-Loaded Switch
Adjustable Switch can be Fully Disassembled
Brass Firing Button
Silky-Smooth Threading
3 Vent Holes on the Center Tube
Pisces Logo Engraved on the Center Tube
Pisces Logo and Serial Number Engraved on the Firing Button
Diameter: 21.7mm (Overhang Not Detectable with 22mm Attys)
Height: 83.4mm (18650) / 68.5mm (18500)
Weight: 73g

Package Contents:
1 x Pisces-T Mod by J2P

IMPORTANT NOTE: Mechanical mods are an ADVANCED USER PRODUCT and should NOT be used if you do not have proper knowledge of your battery's Amp limit and how to test your atomizer's resistance. With the exception of DOA WARRANTY ONLY, we do NOT offer a warranty or exchange on mechanical mods due to the nature of these products. We check every mod prior to shipping and we are NOT responsible for any parts lost by you.

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