Joyetech Cubis Sub-Ohm Atomizer Tank


I don't know which to praise more, Joyetech's innovative new Cubis sub-ohm tank or the terrific BF atomizer heads it uses. What I can tell you is that Joyetech listened to what vapers have been asking for and delivered a darn near perfect device that produces rich flavor and clouds of vapor. Speaking of vapor, put a fresh battery in your mod, press the power button and witness the stream of thick vapor literally surging out of the Cubis mouthpiece.

At first sight it's a little shocking and you might be tempted to grab your fire extinguisher. But this isn't a scene from the industrial revolution and, remember, it's only vapor. 

So what else is new with Joyetech's latest state-of-the-art device? Plenty! The Cubis features a first-of-its-kind leak-proof cup design tank. Lay it on its side, turn it upside down, put it in your pocket and do jumping jacks - this tank refuses to leak no matter what you do! In addition to being leak proof, the cup design makes the tank a snap to fill. There's no need for droppers, pipettes, syringes or any other filling paraphernalia. Simply twist off the top cap and coil head assembly (they are removed as one solid unit) and pour straight from the bottle. It's as easy as pouring coffee in a cup!

The unique, invisible adjustable airflow control system is also new and is completely hidden in the upper end of the top cap, adding to the Cubis's sleek, stylish look and ease of use. The Cubis is constructed from high-grade stainless steel with a 3.5ml Pyrex glass tank, has a removable drip tip and can be fully disassembled for cleaning and maintenance. It uses an array of BF coils to accommodate temperature control and variable wattage modes as well as mouth-to-lung and direct-lung vaping.

Another advantage is that the maximum recommended power setting for the new BF coils is 30 watts, so the Cubis will deliver great flavor and vapor production with lower powered devices and your batteries will run longer between charges. Last but not least, the BF coils are much more affordable that most other sub-ohm coils on the market.

Don't let the affordable price fool you. Although the package generously includes three BF coils and two drip tips, the Cubis is Joyetech's flagship atomizer system and should more than satisfy the most demanding sub-ohm vaper regardless of experience. Available in Black and Stainless Steel. 

Features and Specifications:
Material: Stainless Steel
Tank Material: Pyrex Glass
Leak-Proof Cup-Styled Top-fill Tank
Top-Fill Design
Unique All-In-One Cap/Coil Unit
Anti-Leak Invisible Adjustable Airflow Control
Threading: 510
Capacity: 3.5ml
Dimensions: 22mm x 60mm
Coil Heads: BF SS316 (0.5ohm), BF SS316 (1.0ohm), BF Clapton (1.5ohm)

Package Contents:
1 x Joyetech Cubis Tank Atomizer Main Body
1 x Joyetech Cubis Stainless Steel Mouthpiece
1 x Joyetech Cubis Acrylic Mouthpiece
1 x Joyetech Cubis BF SS316 0.5ohm Coil
1 x Joyetech Cubis BF SS316 1.0ohm Coil
1 x Joyetech Cubis BF Clapton 1.5ohm Coil
1 x Joyetech Cubis User Manual

Collections: Atomizers, Sub-Ohm Tanks

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