About Us

There are a couple of things that distinguish us from a lot of other vapers. First, we like the word "copacetic" and we know what it means. Second, we dug 1957 Chevy's . . . in 1957. So there you have it; we're a little older (and hopefully a little wiser). But are we still cool? Absolutely not, unless you ever thought the push-button automatic transmission was high tech.

But wait! Those push-button gear changers have been making a comeback, so maybe we're not so obsolete after all. Besides, our youthful staff enlighten us and keep our company in step with today's culture.

In the 1990's we built the world's largest shareware company and made a boatload of money. We did it by creating strong bonds with our customers and offering value-added services and superior customer care. Back then folks ordered shareware from catalogs and paid a small fee for getting their software on disks by mail. Alas, the internet altered the technology landscape and shareware became freely available on the web. So we retired and were contented to kick back and watch the world go by. But something happened in 2009 that changed, and probably saved, our lives.

I heard an e-cigarette commercial on the radio and ordered one out of curiosity. You see, we retired from our business but not from our decades-long addiction to tobacco. I didn't really intend or expect to quit smoking, but I thought maybe this e-cigarette thing might help me roll back my two-and-a-half pack a day habit. I vaped my e-cigarette and smoked my Salem's for six days, cut back on the analogs each day, and by the seventh day I was smoke free. I couldn't believe it!

Over the years I tried every smoking-cessation method you can think of, but nothing kept me off the cancer sticks for more than three months. My doctor finally prescribed Chantix but, after learning that the drug might make me want to commit suicide, I figured it would be more dignified to let the cigarettes kill me than to do it myself. But now, with no serious intention to quit, after only six days I was no longer a slave to tobacco. I immediately ordered an e-cigarette for my wife. It took her a year to quit smoking, but she eventually did it. Everybody's different. Ultimately it's up to you to decide if vaping is a better alternative to smoking.

Over the years we tried to convert family members, friends and lots of folks we didn't know from smoking to vaping. Sometimes it worked, sometimes it didn't. But when it did work, we felt we had done something very special. So we finally decided that we were retired long enough and it was time to get back in the game and help as many people as possible in an industry we love. Sure this is a business, but it's a business on a mission.

What brings us together as a community is that we feel better, we look better and we want the same for everyone who's traveled down tobacco road. So whether you have fond memories of the cineplex or the bygone days of the neighborhood drive-in theater, we're happy you're here. It's copacetic!

Welcome to Roadside Vapes. We are dedicated to your health and your total satisfaction. We're Vape Driven!

Thanks for stopping by,
Fred Horowitz
Managing Partner