Leaky Tanks - A Quick and Easy Solution!


Does this picture look familiar?

If so, here's a tip that can help keep your tank from leaking. Many things can cause a tank to leak. Some tanks (brands, models) are simply more prone to leaking than others. Sometimes a coil head will leak due to poor manufacturing and the only solution is to replace it. Of course, if the tank's O-rings or seals are worn or if the coil head isn't screwed in tightly enough, you'll need to address those issues. But it's not uncommon for a leak to occur even on a new tank with the coil head sufficiently tightened.

This tutorial will help you prevent e-liquid from leaking through the air slots on tanks with bottom airflow control. Here are four easy steps that often work to end or minimize the frustration and sticky mess:


There you have it! Following these steps every time you fill your tank should go a long way to reduce the frequency of leaks and minimize the amount of leakage.