Akuma V3 Matte Chrome by GP Custom (Authentic)

GP Custom

Produced in limited numbers by renowned Filipino artisans, GP Custom, the Akuma V3 is a standout in the Akuma series. Previous models, like the Akuma V Clay, feature polished copper or matte black finishes. By contrast, the V3's copper tubes, finished in anodized matte chrome, have a silky silverish gray radiance and are velvety to the touch. Complemented by a polished copper firing button with deep engraving and a top cap and bottom locking ring in polished brass, the Akuma V3 is truly stunning! Three tubes accommodate 18650, 18500 and 18350 formats and attach seamlessly with unanodized copper threading. The brass top cap holds a floating silver-plated copper positive pin. The recessed copper bottom switch is surrounded by a reverse-threaded brass locking ring that is laser engraved with a stylish design that carries out the Akuma theme. The vented bottom switch has a silver plated copper contact, is beautifully engraved and can be fully disassembled for cleaning and maintenance. The "Akuma" is a demon or fire spirit derived from Japanese folklore and is depicted as an entity with a fiery head and eyes. All Akuma models feature the fire demon intricately engraved on their tubes, but the lustrous copper-engraved demon really comes to life against the Akuma V3's matte chrome finish. Superb craftsmanship combined with elegant design features and top-notch performance will make this gorgeous mod a special part of any vaping enthusiast's collection.

Features and Specifications:
Copper and Brass Construction from GP Custom
3 Tubes for 18650, 18500 and 18350 formats
Silky Anodized Matte Chrome Tubes
Silver Plated Copper Contacts
Brass Top Cap with Deep Engravings
Floating Positive Pin/Battery Rattle Adjuster
Recessed Copper Bottom Switch
Brass Laser-Engraved Reverse-threaded Locking Ring
CNC Manufactured
22mm Diameter
Lustrous Laser-engraved Copper Akuma Logo
Copper 510 Threading (Unanodized)
Individually Serialized

Package Contents:
1 x Akuma V3 Matte Chrome by GP Custom
1 x Akuma V3 Wooden Box

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