Anarchist Comp Mod V3 - Chameleon Edition + 2 High-End RDAs (Authentic)


Made in the USA by Anarchist MFG, the Anarchist Comp Mod is a simple, solid mechanical mod and a very heavy hitter designed for minimal voltage drop. Constructed of high-quality brass, it features an unremovable hybrid 510 connection, a magnetic brass switch with a recessed brass button, and a solid copper battery contact.

The Chameleon Edition features stunning Cerakote blue or purple color-changing finishes. Depending on the light, the blue finish changes to green, then purple, and back to blue. The purple finish changes to red, then bronze, and back to purple. The paint application on the Comp Mod is exceptional with beautiful deep colors, and the Anarchist logo breaks through just above the switch.

The vented switch has a smooth firm throw and can be fully disassembled for cleaning and maintenance. The Comp Mod's build quality is top-notch with very smooth threading.

Included FREE with your purchase is an authentic LowPro RDA by Mystic Atmos ($44.95) and an authentic STRO Mini V2 RDA by Sacred Mods ($29.95). Both RDAs have adjustable 510 pins compatible with the Comp Mod's hybrid connection. Click the links for each RDA for full descriptions.

Features and Specifications:
Solid Brass Construction
High-Quality Cerakote Color-Changing Finish
Hybrid 510 Connection
Recessed Magnetic Switch Mechanism
Bottom Battery Venting
Brass Fire Button
Solid Copper Contact Pin
Smooth Firm Throw
Battery Type: Single 18650 (Sold Separately)
Dimensions: 24mm x 91mm
Weight 177g

Package Contents:
1 x Comp Mod V3 Chameleon Edition by Anarchist MFG
1 x LowPro RDA by Mystic Atmos
1 x STRO Mini V2 RDA by Sacred Mods

IMPORTANT NOTE: Mechanical mods are an ADVANCED USER PRODUCT and should NOT be used if you do not have proper knowledge of your battery's Amp limit and how to test your atomizer's resistance. With the exception of DOA WARRANTY ONLY, we do NOT offer a warranty or exchange on mechanical mods due to the nature of these products. We check every mod prior to shipping and we are NOT responsible for any parts lost by you.

The Shado Mod's hybrid design means business and is aimed at serious, advanced users. Please do not order this device if you are not familiar with Ohm's Law and safe battery use. Make sure your atomizer has an adequately exposed center post. There is potential for a hard short if the center post is not longer than the outer threads. In other words, the positive connection on your atomizer must protrude beyond the outer threads (see the image below). Some atomizers may be too long due to the hybrid top cap. Atomizers with threaded adjustable center pins are recommended. 

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