2-In One Ceramic Vape Tweezers


If you haven't yet been frustrated with a tank or RDA that you can't pull apart, unthread or remove from your mod without pliers, your time will come! Instead of resorting to pliers that can ruin your device, use these Vape Tweezers for easy separation. This 2-in-1 tool features ceramic tweezers on one end and two variable-sized wrenches on the other. Easily loosen and unthread "frozen" bottom ends, drip tips, and coils without damage. These heat-consistent ceramic tweezers are perfect for builders to adjust their coils while firing them. Constructed from high-performance polycarbonate and ceramic, these vape tweezers are the must-have multifunctional tool that will end your struggles.

Features and Specifications:
High-Performance Polycarbonate and Ceramic Construction
Two Integrated Variable Sized Wrenches
Apply to Atomizers 22-25mm in Diameter

Package Contents:
1 x 2-In-One Ceramic Vape Tweezers

Collections: Accessories, DIY

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