Dotmod Petri V2 Cloud Cap Set


Designed for cloud chasers, the Petri Quadflo Cloud Cap has twice the airflow as the standard cap. This 3 Piece set comes complete with the colored sleeve of your choice, a matching top cap, and a new glossy gold trim cap. Constructed of hard anodized aluminum and packaged in Dotmod's iconic custom branded glass bottle. Turn your Petri atomizer into a real cloud machine with the Cloud Cap's two large holes on each side for double the airflow. Fits all Petri v1, v1.5, and v2 RDAs. Available in Lime Green Matte, Gold Matte, Silver Matte, Rose Gold Matte.

Package Contents:
1 x Dotmod Petri V2 Quadflo Cloud Cap Set
Extra O-rings

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