Dotmod Standard Friction Drip Tip V2 (Authentic)


Lose the O-Ring! Dotmod Friction Drip Tips have a stylish anodized aluminum top and Delrin insulated friction-fit 510 base. These are beautifully crafted wide-bore drip tips that bring serious style to your gear. Dotmod's signature logo is artfully engraved on the side. Slightly wider and shorter than the original dotmod Wide Bore drip tip, the Standard drip tip is the same as those included with the dotod Petri V2 RDA.

Standard 510
Delrin Insulated Anodized Aluminum
Diameter: 13.8mm
Height: 15.5mm (including 510 connection)
Bore: 10.0mm

Package Contents:
1 x DotMod Standard Friction Drip Tip V2

Collections: Drip Tips

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