HorizonTech Krixus Replacement Ceramic Coil


Rewickable Coil for HorizonTech Krixus Tank.

Features and Specs:
Rewickable Ceramic Coil
Resistance: 0.3Ω
Tungsten Heating Element
Medical-Grade Ceramic Core
Longevity: Up to 6 Months

Package Contents:
1  x  Rewickable Ceramic Coil
2  x  Spare O-rings
1  x  Pack of Pre-cut Japanese Organic Cotton

Cleaning the Ceramic Coils:
Remove the cotton and inspect the ceramic coil for any black spots or gunk. Attach the coil head to your mod (without the cotton), set the wattage to 25W and then burn off the gunk by pulsing the power button until the ceramic is clean. Let the coil cool before rewicking.

If you can thread a needle, you can rewick the Krixus ceramic coils. Here is an instructional video:

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