Innokin iTaste DRV Kit


Do you like to vape while you drive? We wouldn't live up to our company name if we didn't include something special for when you're on the road. The Innokin iTaste DRV is the ultimate variable voltage vaping device for your car or truck. Plug it into your cigarette lighter, turn on some tunes and safely enjoy a vape while en route to your destination. You can easily adjust the voltage on iTaste DRV's illuminated rotational wheel and you can choose either an automatic or manual switch (both included). The complete kit also includes two iClear 16D dual coil clearomizers, but you can attach any atomizer with a 510- or eGo-threaded connection. Now you may ask, "Is the iTaste DRV really necessary?" Of course not, but where's the fun in only having the things you need? It's an entirely unique and convenient vaping device that's a blast to use when you're on the road. And if you haven't thought of this already, no more fishing around on the floorboard or between the seats for your ecig while you're flying down the highway.

Variable Voltage: 4.2V - 6.4V
Scale Display Voltage improves intuitive control for more accurate performance
Manual and Auto switch included
ON/OFF Power Button
Short Circuit Protection.( 0.6 +/-0.2 ohm )
ON/OFF battery switch
Power supply: Car charger light socket 12/24DCV
510 and eGo threaded

Package Contents:
Innokin iTaste DRV Kit Includes:
1 x Innokin iTaste DRV
1 x Retractable Coiled Cord
1 x Manual Switch
1 x Automatic Switch
2 x Innokin iClear16D dual coil clearomizers
1 x User's Manual

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