Innokin iTaste EP Starter Kit v3.0


The Innokin iTaste EP is a compact, elegant ecigarette that you can clip on your pocket just like a pen. The 700mAh Polymer Lithium-ion rechargeable battery is long lasting with the included iClear 10 clearmizers . The square battery and lid give this device a unique look and the lid snaps on securely to prevent juice from leaking in your pocket or purse. Since the lid completely encloses the clearomizer, you won't have to worry about getting bits of pocket lint stuck in the mouthpiece. The square fire button lights up to indicate that it's firing and indicates the battery status: green for fully charged, yellow for half charged and red when charging is necessary. The EP produces thick warm vapor and surprisingly good flavor for such a compact device. The EP will appeal to new and on-the-go vapers, folks who appreciate a discrete, elegant vaping device, and of course the ladies (my wife said, "I want one in silver" as soon as she saw me vaping a black one).

Package Contents:
1 x 3.5 volt EP battery
2 x iClear 10 clearomizers
1 x pen Style Cap
1 x USB charger
1 x User manual

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