Magma V2 RDA by Paradigm Modz (Authentic)

Paradigm Modz

The Magma V2 RDA was designed for flavor chasers who like drippers but don't particularly like to drip. We'll get to the 'flavor' aspect momentarily. Paradigm Modz fix for the second issue was simple: create an RDA (the Magma) with a 9.5mm deep juice well that holds up to 40 drops of e-liquid. HOLY SCHNIKEYS! Paradigm Modz, Filipino maker of high-end devices like the Terra Mod, did an incredible job with the Magma V2. With its reduced conical chamber and innovative "Direct-to-Coil Airflow Control System," the Magma delivers fantastic flavor, even at very low wattage, and enough vapor to satisfy all but the most fervent cloud chasers. Speaking of functional excellence, the Magma utilizes no O-rings and yet is thoroughly leak resistant. The unique AFC gets a lot of credit for keeping the Magma's exterior high and dry. Air enters from the side and is funneled up to the top of the deck directly under your coils with only about 1.5mm clearance. The AFC ring is literally riddled with 1mm, 2mm, and 3mm airholes for ultra-precise airflow adjustments that are locked in by screwing down the threaded top cap. Single and dual coil builds are supported. Constructed of 304-grade surgical stainless steel, the Magma features beautiful aesthetics and exceptional build quality and durability. In fact, weighing in at a substantial 56g, the Magma is built like a tank. If you crave amazing flavor with minimal effort, the Magma V2 RDA will serve you well for many years to come.

Features and Specifications:
Paradigm Modz of the Philippines
304-Grade Surgical Stainless Steel
Designed for the Most Demanding Flavor Chasers
High Performance at Very Low Wattage
Two-Post Design
Posts are Welded to the Base for Durability
9.5mm Deep Juice Well
Holds Up to 40 Drops of E-liquid
Direct-To-Coil Airflow Control System
Lockable AFC Ring
Multi-Size Adjustable Air Holes
Single or Dual Coil Builds
Custom Flat Head Post Screws
PEEK Block Insulator
Conical Reduced Chamber
No O-rings
Paradigm and Magma Logo Laser Engravings on Top Cap
Diameter: 22mm
Height: 30mm
Weight: 56g

Package Contents:
1 x Magma V2 RDA by Paradigm Modz
1 x Wooden and Brass Collectors Box

Warning Before Purchase:
Rebuildable atomizers have known risks. They are intended for use only by ADVANCED users who have and know how to use a multimeter and who have a basic knowledge of electronics. Rebuildable atomizers cannot safely be used by inexperienced users and users who do not have the equipment necessary to test the coils they build. Rebuildable atomizers should only be used with IMR batteries. Please note the following:

  • Rebuildable coils/wicks must be tested with a meter before use. Failure to do so can cause injury to you and damage to your property.
  • If not built properly, coil/wick assemblies WILL destroy electronic devices and should always be tested first on a mechanical mod.
  • By purchasing this product, you certify that you meet all of the requirements above and that you hold harmless Roadside Vapes for any improper use of this product.

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