Native Wicks Platinum Blend Cotton

Native Wicks

Native Wicks Platinum Blend Cotton is premium cotton grown and processed in the USA specifically for vaping. This Supima quality cotton contains no pesticides, chemicals, or natural oils found in most other brands of cotton that are not intended for vaping. Native Wicks Platinum Blend Cotton is dense, fluffy, and extremely absorbent and heat resistant. This proprietary blend of multiple fibers increases flavor, absorption and durability and requires absolutely ZERO break in period. Native Wicks Platinum Blend Cotton is the highest quality, best performing wicking material that will enhance the flavor of your juice and increase vapor production. Amazing wicking properties for the most demanding builds!

Features and Specifications:
Proprietary Large Fiber Blend
Multiple Fiber Composition
Increased Absorbency
Increased Wicking Potential
Clean and Pure Carrier
Low Resistance Capable
Higher Heat Resistance than Standard Cotton
Grown and Processed in the USA
Manufactured in a State of the Art CGMP Certified Facility
Packaged in a Resealable Bag
48" Per Bag

Package Contents:
1 x Bag Native Wicks Platinum Blend Cotton  - 48"

Collections: Accessories, DIY

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