Omerta Box Mod by Critical Minds (Authentic)

Critical Minds

The Omerta by Critical Minds of the Philippines is a classic, compact, fully-mechanical box mod with some very appealing and unique features. Precision constructed from T6 Aluminum with a friction-fit sliding battery door, the Omerta is one of the smallest dual 18650 box mods ever produced at only 87mm x 45mm x 23mm. With its matt black anodized finish, deeply engraved ornate white logos, and brass top plate and switch, the Omerta is a real charmer. Designed to fit comfortably in anyone's hand, the Omerta is the epitome of simplicity, reliability, and ease of use. Its excellent performance with minimal voltage drop gets an assist from its silver-plated copper contacts. The heat-resistant, insulated brass switch, embedded in a large Delrin block under the top plate, has a smooth, short throw and is firm enough not to require a locking mechanism to prevent accidental firing. The switch is also fully adjustable and can be completely disassembled with ease for cleaning and maintenance. The threaded 510 pin is telescopic and can accommodate any atomizer for a flush fit. The two large, vented negative contacts at the bottom of the chassis are threaded and require only a quarter turn with a flat head screwdriver to make a secure connection with the batteries. This unique design makes the Omerta more compact by eliminating the space required for tension springs. If you seek a small, distinctively classic mechanical mod that's a top performer and built to last, the Omerta warrants your serious consideration.

With Critical Mind's announcement in October 2015 that the last of 10 units were available, the Omerta has become a rarity sought by collectors worldwide. Adding to its exclusivity, the Omerta's design, although uncomplicated, is ingenious enough to have thwarted the Chinese from creating a clone. True to the Omerta moniker, the inside of the battery compartment is stamped with the following quote: "For a wounded man shall say to his assailant, If I live, I will kill you. If I die, you are forgiven. Such is the rule of honor." This is part of the Cosa Nostra "Code of Silence," but you won't experience much silence when your vaping friends see your Omerta!

Be sure to check out Critical Minds' Omerta RDA for a beautiful match.

Features and Specifications:
Design and Construction by Critical Minds, Philippines
T6 Aluminum Body
Anodized Matte Black Finish
Friction-fit Sliding Battery Door
Fully mechanical
Runs on Dual or Single 18650 Batteries (Sold Separately)
Brass 510 Top Plate and Switch
Telescopic 510 Positive Pin
Fully-Adjustable and Removable Switch
Insulated Heat-Resistant Button
Silver-Coated Copper Contacts
Vented Adjustable Negative Pins
"Omerta” deep CNC engraving on Body and Battery Door
Code-of-Silence Quote and Serial No. Inside Battery Compartment
Easy to Fully Disassemble for Cleaning and Maintenance
Dimensions: 87mmx45mmx23mm

Package Contents:
1 x Omerta Box Mod by Critical Minds
1 x Red Velvet Pouch

IMPORTANT NOTE: Mechanical mods are an ADVANCED USER PRODUCT and should NOT be used if you do not have proper knowledge of your battery's Amp limit and how to test your atomizer's resistance. With the exception of DOA WARRANTY ONLY, we do NOT offer a warranty or exchange on mechanical mods due to the nature of these products. We check every mod prior to shipping and we are NOT responsible for any parts lost by you.

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