Overdose Mechanical Mod by MCV (Authentic)

Masterpiece Custom Vapes

The Overdose is the first mechanical mod designed by Joy Soriano (founder) of Masterpiece Customs Vapes of the Philippines. This is the original Overdose, all copper from end to end, precision machined, stunning and iconic!

Followed by exceptional mechanical mods like the Panzer, the Kingpin, and the Pisces, the Overdose marks the first step in MCV's journey to becoming one of the Philippines' premier mod makers. Although the Overdose has become quite scarce since it was first released, we were lucky to get our hands on just a few of these historic devices.

The Overdose is a 18650 mod with a copper body, top cap, switch, locking ring, and contacts. The only part that isn't copper is the stainless-steel spring. The switch is vented and recessed, and the locking ring is reverse threaded. The switch has a very smooth, short throw and fires no matter where you press it. The tube is vented at the top and is accented with three concentric grooves, two at the bottom and one at the top.

There is custom MCV Overdose engraving on the side of the tube as well as engravings on the top cap and firing button. The serial number is engraved on the top of the tube. The top cap houses a floating center pin with a battery rattle adjuster set in a white Delrin insulator. The Overdose's threading, fit and finish are, as expected from an MCV product, outstanding.

So, how does the Overdose perform? It's a hard-hitting beast! What else would you expect from an all-copper MCV device? Supplies are very limited, so grab a piece of history while you can.

Features and Specifications:
The Original Overdose Designed by Joy Soriano
Precision Machining, Fit and Finish
All Copper (Tube, Switch, Top Cap, Contacts, Locking Ring)
Custom Engravings on the Tube, Button, and Top Cap
Vented Tube and Switch
Floating Center Pin with Battery Rattle Adjuster
Recessed Spring-Loaded Button
Reverse-Threaded Locking Ring
Buttery-Smooth Threads
Very Short Smooth Throw
Individually Serialized
Threads Treated In-House with Noalox
Dimensions: 22mm x 99mm
Weight: 132g

Package Contents:
1 x Overdose Mechanical Mod by MCV

IMPORTANT NOTE: Mechanical mods are an ADVANCED USER PRODUCT and should NOT be used if you do not have proper knowledge of your battery's Amp limit and how to test your atomizer's resistance. With the exception of DOA WARRANTY ONLY, we do NOT offer a warranty or exchange on mechanical mods due to the nature of these products. We check every mod prior to shipping and we are NOT responsible for any parts lost by you.

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