Pisces-M (Mini) by J2P (Authentic) Full Kit


It's 1957 and "The Incredible Shrinking Man" has just been released in a theater near you. Exposed to a combination of radiation and insecticide, this poor bastard is shrinking faster than a wool suit in a clothes dryer and medical science is powerless to help him. Not to worry! We have the perfect mod to suit his new size.

If you have a soft spot for mini-sized versions of high-quality products, then you probably won't be able to keep your hands off the Pisces Mini by J2P of the Philippines. That is, if you can get your hands on one in the first place since they are very hard to come by. At only 68mm by 17.3mm, this gorgeous, miniature mechanical mod is about as pocketable as they get. Slightly taller yet smaller in diameter than a 18650 battery, the Pisces Mini is stylish, stealthy and as cute as a bug's ear. But big things come in small packages and the Pisces Mini packs a big punch! Powered by a single 14500 battery, its pure copper contacts and rock-solid build help the Pisces Mini retain an impressively high voltage rating. It is constructed of high-quality stainless steel, has a reverse-threaded brass locking ring and a switch that houses a smooth, short-throw adjustable brass firing button. The bottom of the button is beautifully engraved with the Pisces logo and a unique serial number. The switch can be easily disassembled for a thorough cleaning and the top and bottom caps can be telescoped just enough fit flush with any atomizer and to accommodate any 14500 battery regardless of size variations. The copper center pin is self-adjusting and the threaded copper battery contact can be adjusted to ensure a good connection and prevent battery rattle. Fit and finish are top notch as expected from any J2P product, and the Pisces Mini's classy, sculpted design makes it as comfortable to hold as it is pleasing to the eye. Of course, there is a tradeoff in battery life with such a small cell, but this kit includes a pair of Sanyo 14500 840mAh batteries that have the highest and most accurate capacity and output ratings on the market. Renowned worldwide for crafting exquisite, high-quality mods,

Our kit also includes EHPro's excellent and faithful rendition of MCV's Atomic RDA which matches beautifully with the Pisces Mini. The EHPro Atomic is a high quality 3-post rebuildable dripping atomizer that features a four-piece design and adjustable airflow control. Constructed from food grade 304 stainless steel, the Atomic features a unique airflow control system with 1.5mm, 2mm, and 3mm airports that can be adjusted to accommodate single or dual coil builds. After setting the AFC ring, it is locked securely in place by tightening the top cap. Whether you prefer intense flavor with a tighter draw or massive clouds with an airy draw, the combination of the Atomic's small chamber and versatile airflow system delivers the perfect vape.

A word of caution: Do no vape around radioactive material near an open container of insecticide.

Pisces Mini Features and Specs:
Full Mechanical Mod
Powered by a 14500
Telescopic Top and Bottom Caps to Accommodate Any 14500 Battery
High-Quality Stainless Steel Body
Serialized and Engraved Brass Firing Button
Brass Reverse-Threaded Lock Ring
Adjustable Copper Battery Contact
Self-Adjusting Copper Center Pin
Dimensions: 68mm x 17.3mm

EHPro Atomic RDA Features and Specs:
Food-Grade Stainless Steel
510 Threading
3 Posts with Phillips Head Screws
Option for Single or Dual Coil Builds
Adjustable Airflow Control

Package Contents:
1 x J2P Pisces Mini Mod
1 x EHPro Atomic RDA
1 x Stainless Steel Wide Bore Drip Tip
2 x Sanyo 14500 840mAh Batteries
Wick and Wire
Extra O-Rings

IMPORTANT NOTE: Mechanical mods are an ADVANCED USER PRODUCT and should NOT be used if you do not have proper knowledge of your battery's Amp limit and how to test your atomizer's resistance. With the exception of DOA WARRANTY ONLY, we do NOT offer a warranty or exchange on mechanical mods due to the nature of these products. We check every mod prior to shipping and we are NOT responsible for any parts lost by you.

Warning Before Purchase:
Rebuildable atomizers have known risks. They are intended for use only by ADVANCED users who have and know how to use a multimeter and who have a basic knowledge of electronics. Rebuildable atomizers cannot safely be used by inexperienced users and users who do not have the equipment necessary to test the coils they build. Rebuildable atomizers should only be used with IMR batteries. Please note the following:

  • Rebuildable coils/wicks must be tested with a meter before use. Failure to do so can cause injury to you and damage to your property.
  • If not built properly, coil/wick assemblies WILL destroy electronic devices and should always be tested first on a mechanical mod.
  • By purchasing this product, you certify that you meet all of the requirements above and that you hold harmless Roadside Vapes for any improper use of this product.

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