Twisted Messes² Squared V2 RDA

Twisted Messes

The Twisted Messes² Squared V2 RDA follows on the great success of the original Twisted Messes which was designed to accommodate massive, intricate builds. After eight months of R&D, the Twisted Messes² improves upon the original design with two rectangular posts, each with two huge 2.8mm diameter post holes. The split-post design allows for a dramatic increase in coil installation versatility.

The clamp-style posts create a solid connection, and the hex screws are flat bottomed to prevent wires from snapping. The negative post is milled into the 22mm deck, and the positive post is mounted on a PEEK insulator. With its 5.5mm deep juice well, the Twisted Messes² RDA will hold a substantial volume of e-liquid. The AFC ring with dual 11mm x 2.5mm squared air slots is secured by a threaded, knurled top cap. Single and dual coil configurations are both supported.

The Twisted Messes² RDA is stainless steel throughout except for the gold-plated brass contact pin. The 10.5mm wide-bore removable drip tip is made of RADEL, a very durable heat-resistant material. You can also use your own drip tips with the included 510 drip tip adapter.

The Twisted Messes² is a great looking, beautifully constructed high-performance RDA that both new and experienced vapers will find is easy to build on. The Black version comes with a spare Blue AFC ring, and the Stainless version comes with a spare Black AFC ring.

Features and Specifications:
Collaboration with JayBo Design
Stainless Steel Construction
Gold-Plated Brass Contact Pin
510 Threaded
Rectangular Split Post Design
Negative Post Milled into the Deck
Four Individual 2.8mm Post Holes
Clamp-Style Posts with Flat Bottom Hex Screws
PEEK insulators
5.5mm Juice Well
Black RADEL 10.5mm Wide Bore Removable Drip Tip
Black RADEL 510 Drip Tip Adapter
Square 11mm x 2.5mm Air Slots
Single and Dual Coil Configurations
Individually Serialized
Diameter: 22mm
Height: 36.5mm (including the drip tip)

Package Contents:
1 x Twisted Messes² Squared V2 RDA
1 x Hex-Driver
1 x Set of Hex Screws
1 x Set of O-rings
1 x Black RADEL Drip Tip
1 x 510 RADEL Drip Tip Adapter
1 x Spare AFC Ring (Blue or Stainless)

Warning Before Purchase:
Rebuildable atomizers have known risks. They are intended for use only by ADVANCED users who have and know how to use a multimeter and who have a basic knowledge of electronics. Rebuildable atomizers cannot safely be used by inexperienced users and users who do not have the equipment necessary to test the coils they build. Rebuildable atomizers should only be used with IMR batteries. Please note the following:

  • Rebuildable coils/wicks must be tested with a meter before use. Failure to do so can cause injury to you and damage to your property.
  • If not built properly, coil/wick assemblies WILL destroy electronic devices and should always be tested first on a mechanical mod.
  • By purchasing this product, you certify that you meet all of the requirements above and that you hold harmless Roadside Vapes for any improper use of this product.

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